FORMAT: 6 x 25min

Lights of Nova (LoN)

In a cyberpunk future of Sao Paulo, Valkyria is a waitress who finds herself in a conflict between Augmented and Pure humans as she discovers a conspiracy to control the population through cybernetic implants.

Lights of Nova (LoN)
is an adult Cyberpunk animation

that takes place in the year 2159
in a city called Nova Sao Paulo.

Or as it is known: Nova City.

In a time when almost all the inhabitants
are augmented, that is, they have body
implants, a company called Biöfrost
dominates the market and, consequently,
the city.
Which makes its CEO Nicolaj one of the
most powerful men on the planet.

Which causes constant protest from those
who are against the system and against the
obligation to change themselves.
The peaceful protests soon turned into a
revolution, with increasing and seemingly
meaningless violence from the augmented,
trying to suppress the Pure ones in every
possible way.

Biöfrost sells in a non-legal and non-explicit
way to the public, “announcements” that are
sensations that can be seen or felt by the
implanted, and that make them react as Biöfrost
directs. Being in most cases directing the people
to buy a product from the “advertiser”.

This population control is discovered by Harbard,
who removes his own prosthetics eyes, to be no
longer controlled by Biöfrost. And installs old
cameras in place of the augmented eyes.
And so founds the revolutionary group:
Lights of Nova.

We follow the saga of Valkyria.
A waitress discriminated by having no implants,
who starts as a “minor” who just wanted to live
in peace until she became the symbol of the

Animation Teaser

Visual style example for the LoN animation series

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