TARGET: 16+ FORMAT: 6 x 22min

Lights of Nova (LoN)

In Sao Paulo city, in the year 2159, a suspicious and lonely waitress is dragged to the center of a revolution against a megacorporation that wants to control people through cyber implants, while she seeks for her own identity.

Lights of Nova (LoN)
is an adult Cyberpunk animation

for young adults that takes place in 2159, in the city of Nova São Paulo.
Or as it is known: Nova City.
With a population of over 50 million,
the city is controlled by gangs and megacorporations. And it is divided into two main groups.

The first group, corresponding to 80% of the population, are those who have some type of cybernetic implant, such as super-strong arms or eyes with night vision, and they are known as Augmented.
These implants are manufactured
by Biofröst, a megacorporation that dominates the market and, consequently, the city.

The second group includes those against implants or who cannot afford it, and they are known as Pure, or as the Augmented calls them, Minors.
They start peaceful protests but it soon turns into a revolution against Biofröst and the forced evolution.

Nicolaj Jotnar is the CEO of Biofröst, which seeks the evolution of the human race at any cost. So, it sees the pure Homo Sapiens as a waste of resources.
His eagerness for power and evolution makes him launch an offensive against the Minors, directing the Augmented people to oppose the revolution. An initiative that soon goes out of control and takes an unprecedented scale.

Valkyria Frigg is a young waitress who moves to Nova City after the death of her parents.
She just wanted to live in peace but finds
herself in the middle of a fight between Biofröst executives and a family without implants, where she beats them even without the resources of the Augmententations.
Her victory is filmed by a group of rebels and used as propaganda, making the young woman an inspiration to the oppressed.

Valkyria is recruited by the revolutionary group Lights of Nova, led by Harbard Haptsonir.
He was once an Augmented in the past. Still, once he discovered Biofröst’s control over him and the population, he rebelled against the system, ripped off his prosthetics, and installed old cameras that whisper what’s around him.
Now he fights for the fall of Biofröst and the implants they produce.

Animation Teaser

Visual style example for the LoN animation series

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